Can It Be All So Simple

I want to be away

Away from my street

Away from the people whose future look bleak

Away from the closed minds of our society

Away from this place where self is no priority

Away from racism

Away from class levels

Away from heaven

Away from the Devil


“What the fuck are you doing Joe? you’re not in class” Jude attempts to snatch my phone but instead she knocks over my drink. “You didn’t finish your drink”? It’s clear by my expression I am not answering her question. “Instead of checking out these bitches you’re looking at your phone? You look like one of those people that type shit in court, who are you texting Joe”? I open my mouth to respond, Jude thrust her palm into my face a rant ensues “Fuck your character stifling job, fuck that fake Instagram priestess bitch you love, fuck Trump, police, religion and vegans”. Jude looks directly into my eyes, for a moment, she appears sober. “You know Joe for a Hotep nigger you really don’t see shit”. We burst into laughter as Jude wipes my forehead pretending to clean my third eye. “You got to let your spirit fly bro and I will help you”. Jude slyly reaches into her clutch. I scan the club for spectators as she extends her arm towards me, hesitant I reach for the pill then toss it into my mouth.


Away from nowhere so I can be in peace

Away from somewhere other than my street.

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