In Vino Veritas

They gathered, intent on pouring their hearts out. Sharing their truths and dirty little secrets. Jessica had rehearsed her confession many times over; in front of the mirror, on the ride to work, even while she waited in the checkout line. Each word was carefully selected for clarity, simplicity and flow. She didn’t want to stumble over her words and totally ruin her moment of honesty.

Jessica recalled the time Jacob called her to share his idea on how to shake things up amongst their friends. As 40 something year olds, the group of old friends’ lives had become so routine that staying in touch was a task, because no one had nothing new to share. It was the same old pleasantries: “How’s life? How’s work?” “How are the kids?” And of course, everyone and everything was “just fine” or “ok”.

“Let’s play a game at our next get together! Nothing crazy, just some light-hearted fun.”

“Jacob, I don’t know, the last game caused a fight with Mikki and Gio.”

Both Jessica and Jacob had to laugh at the memory of Gio throwing the game pieces in the air, because Mikki had gotten yet another answer wrong.

“No, I promise, this is just what we need for the night. Besides, I’m hosting, so I get final say so.”

“Fine,” Jessica giggled, “so what’s it going to be?”

“Let me get back to you on that!”

A few days later, Jacob sent a text to the group explaining his plans for their upcoming dinner party.

Ok Babes, get ready for our next dinner party, In Vino Veritas!

Dinner will be an Italian seafood stew, with all of the bread and wine your hearts and tucked tummies desire!

And keeping with our theme, be prepared to spill the tea! The game for the evening is TRUTH – Uncut and Unfiltered.

Get a sitter! Leave your spouse at home or bring him/her, if you dare. And just to be on the safe side, bring an overnight bag. I have the space, so the party doesn’t have to end. Love ya! *kiss* *kiss*

Jacob always ended his messages with “kisses”, even when he had to get someone in check, for getting him “fucked up”. Funny thing is my phone started to buzz with all of the RSVPs! Usually everyone had to get back later to confirm, but not this time.

The date was set!

To be continued…

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