My Debut

“Are you waiting for the bathroom?”

“Um, yeah, but you can go first.” I wasn’t ready. I had rehearsed this moment a thousand times in my head. My hands were shaking and my heart was pounding. Being the center of attention always made me feel uneasy.


“It’s all yours,” the woman shouted, so that I could hear her over the music. “Love the boots by the way!”

“Thanks!” Red leather, over the knee, stiletto boots and a short black mini dress was my idea of keeping it simple. The bathroom was extremely smaller than what I had imagined. People actually changed into costumes, snorted coke, and on occasion fucked in a bathroom so small, I had to shimmy into it sideways.

I didn’t have much time, because everything is set to a strictly enforced schedule. Miss your call, too bad, miss your shot. It was that simple. The few seconds I did have, I used to freshen up my makeup.

You can do this. You’ve prepared for it and now is the time, your time, MY time.

I looked into the dirty mirror and recalled everything I was told; “keep moving, push through, it’s only two minutes and thirty six seconds.

“You’re on!” a guy shouted through the door.

As exited the bathroom, I found my mark, right in the spotlight, as expected.

Try to connect, make eye contact, and most importantly, smile.

I raised my gun and squeezed until it emptied.

It was over before he knew it.

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