The Journey Begins – Part 2


“I told you it would work.”

I turned to find Ashton standing behind me. ‘Damn,’ I thought to myself, he was right and judging from all of the bodies on the boat; this was going to be everything we had ever imagined. But first, we had unfinished business that needed our attention.

“Tonight, we don’t have to hide,” he whispered, pulling me into his strong frame. I closed my eyes and got lost in his embrace.  The rhythm of his racing heart, his skin against mine, his smell, his hands around my waist…

“Excuse me, we’re set to arrive in five minutes,” the voice startled us both, breaking our trance.


That’s all we really needed; five uninterrupted minutes to reconnect, to lose ourselves, to make love once again.

“Let’s do this,” Ashton’s eyes were focused on mine, as he pulled away from me.

The island was now insight.

“I would like to welcome you to an evening of reckless abandonment, passion, ecstasy, and submission.” I recognized that voice without seeing anything more than his silhouette. It was the owner of the restaurant from last night.

“No rules, no inhibitions. Indulge, over indulge, if you dare.”

“Welcome,” he said, pausing to acknowledge my presence, “to La Plage de L’indulgence!”

“I’m not getting off of this boat until someone tells me what the fuck is going on!” Donovan yelled.

“There’s always one”, I said to myself. Ashton started to charge into Donovan’s direction, when I held my hands up.

“I got this,” I reassured Ashton.


“How do you know my name?”

Donovan was a special request; rebellious, yet smart, and handsome despite the scar on his face. The rules were simple enough, but he wasn’t the type to listen and do as told.

“You were selected to be a part of this experience.” I informed him.

“By who? You still haven’t told me what the fuck is going on?” Donovan questioned on.

“Did you not understand the announcement?” I moved closer to him, so that we were now only inches apart. He looked at me in disbelief, like there were some catch. “Do you need something to help you relax?”

Donovan was speechless; for once, may I add. I pulled his hand into mine and then softly kissed his palm.

“But…” Donovan stuttered, “I don’t know you”.

“You will, come with me.” I led Donovan to the back of the boat and handed him a drink.

“You don’t seriously think I’m going to drink that, do you? I mean, shit, isn’t that how I ended up here?”

He was getting on my last nerve. “Donovan, you have a choice, you could enjoy tonight sober and freely or be forced into submission. But you are getting off of this boat!” I had enough of his shit.

“Are you threatening me? Bitch, have you lost your mind?” Donovan started to ball up his fists.

“I knew you would be fun,” I laughed. But before I could handle Donovan, a handler was dragging in Douglas.

“Another asshole,” the handler said in disgust, throwing Douglas to the floor.

“Where’s Whitney? Who are you two?” Douglas questioned.

The human mind unguided can believe the only means of survival is with force.

Neither of these guys has considered the power of submission or even the audacity of it, of all of this.

“Let me ease your minds.” I slid off my silk dress, allowing both Donovan and Douglas to scan every inch of my body. “La Plage de L’indulgence is about giving into your desires and indulging without any restriction or judgment. You could freely enjoy this; this experience, me, and the others or you could stay here and ask questions… well not really, as I’ve stated Donovan, you were a special request and Douglas”

“What?” Douglas interrupted before I could finish.

Ashton walked in with four handlers. “It’s time for them to go, now!”

The handlers grabbed Douglas and Donovan and dragged them to the dock. We could now see the white linen covered cabanas and hear Alina Baraz sing.

You’re like a wave washing over me, pulling me underneath, sinking slowly.


 “ARE YOU NERVOUS? I’m sorry, I haven’t properly introduced myself. I’m Vincent. So tell me, are you nervous?” he said with his dark, piercing eyes locked onto me.

“I am.”

“Why? Aren’t you the least bit intrigued?” Vincent questioned.

“No, I, I didn’t ask to be here. I don’t even fully understand what’s going on.”

“You’re a smart young lady, Sonny and even so, this isn’t rocket science. It’s a simple experiment, on human nature; your desire to explore or to simply observe dictates your ability to adapt and survive. You could either freely engage and submit or face the unknown.” Vincent moved closer to me and began running his fingers through my hair. “Are you really that fearful and fragile or are you just pretending to be a good girl?”

“You’re not getting it! I didn’t agree to any of this!” Sonny objected and tried to put some space between her and Vincent.

“That’s fine, you can keep denying it but I can see it in your eyes. Its fine, no one is going to judge you. For once, allow yourself to be free. Give yourself to me, freely, let me do the things you’ve always wanted but were too ashamed to admit.”

“But… the others… will they,” Sonny began to wonder.

“No, of course not,” Vincent assured her as he pulled her closer.

“What is it that you want? Tell me!” Vincent demanded as he grabbed her face. “Look me in the eyes and say it! I’ll do whatever you want.”


Vincent didn’t even blink an eye at the request. Instead he picked Sonny up and carried her over to the all-white cabana. He laid her on the bed, and then made his way to each post, to untie the curtains and provide her the privacy she needed.

As he headed back to her, she stopped him, “take off your clothes”. He softly kissed her hand and then did as told. Vincent was an older man, with short, salt and pepper colored hair covering his face and head. He was 6’2 and thin, yet strong. His muscles looked like they were chiseled in by an artist. Sonny took notice that there was no hair on his arms, chest and back. Vincent stepped out of his pants and was now completely bare. Sonny sat up to take in every part of his body. As her eyes slowly met his, she began to run her fingers through his pubic hair.

Vincent closed his eyes tightly, as if he was wincing from each stroke. “Please,” he began to plead, “let me do what you’ve asked of me. I don’t know how much more I can take.” Vincent started to grab at the bedding, to steady himself from the intensity of Sonny’s caress.


Vincent flipped Sonny over on to her stomach and then forced her head into the pillow. “This is what you want, right?”

A tear started to fall from Sonny’s eye.

“Answer me,” Vincent demanded as he bit into her neck and shoulder.

Sonny let out a loud moan, but then started to fight back the desire to be taken. Vincent whispered into her ear, however Sonny couldn’t make out what he said. He had started to speak to her in his native language. “Se detendre.”

“What?” Sonny whispered.

“Relax, stop fighting me, I won’t hurt you.”

Vincent watched as Sonny’s tense body slowly became calm. “I don’t want there to be any boundaries between us.”

Vincent used his tongue to part her cheeks. With each flick of his tongue, Sonny buried her head deeper into the pillow. No, she wasn’t a virgin, of course she had sex before, but this was different. She tried her best to not moan as loudly as she felt compelled to; she still wanted to be in control of herself.

‘Disciplined and poised,’ like she had always told herself. However Vincent wasn’t fooled by her act, he knew it was time to take it up a notch.

“Still need to be perfect?” Vincent teased Sonny.

Sonny couldn’t answer; one wrong move and she would lose it. Her legs were shaking, her heart pounding, she was about to experience an orgasm like never before.

Vincent giggled to himself; he knew just what she needed. “Do you enjoy making love?”

“Yes… of course.” Sonny tried to sound confident.

“Do you like getting fucked? Do you even know the difference?”

Before Sonny could answer, she could feel Vincent forcing himself into her. Painful wasn’t the word but again, her legs trembled and her pussy started to pulse. She couldn’t deny it, she was enjoying it.

“I can’t hold back anymore. I… oh my god,” Sonny said as she hid her face in the pillow.

“Let go, cum for me. Do it!” Vincent was also getting lost in the moment. Each thrust was more erratic and forceful than the last.

And just like that, Sonny had collapsed into the bed, with Vincent crashing down onto her.






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