The Journey Begins ~ Ms. Troy

The sun is bright, bouncing off the water so you have no choice but for it to wake you. Sonny woke up looking around because the last thing she remembers is getting in the cab with Tracey, Lynn and Ashton. They were double dating because she only just met Ashton. Although she really liked him, she did not know him very well. They all went to Duke University. It is Sonny’s first year, majoring in Business. Ashton, also a business major is a junior but while showing her around, he took a liking to her and asked her out. Reluctantly, she only accepted if it would be more people with her. In Sonny’s mind, it would be more of an outing instead of a date. So she asked Lynn to come along and bring her boyfriend Tracey. They agreed.

They started out at a local sports bar, having plenty of drinks and appetizers. It was a fun night. When Sonny and Lynn went in the ladies room, Sonny expressed, “I don’t feel too good.” “Do you want to go on home?” asked Lynn. “We are having fun! So the rest of the night, I’m drinking water!” “Lemme find out you can’t hold your liquor!!” Lynn said laughing. Sonny sucked her teeth, “well I won’t tell you.” As they washed their hands and went back to their table there was another round compliments of Ashton. Sonny and Lynn looked at each other with Lynn snickering. The ladies sat down while the guys were in the middle of playing a game of pool. Sonny started talking about her course load, how difficult she gathered the year would be. “Listen Sonny, we are not here to talk classes, college or anything like that. Tonight is just about a good time. Get ya glass up heffa. A toast to adulthood, wild nights and great sex!!!” They clanked their glasses and drank their drinks. After wrapping up their pool game, everyone crammed into the cab and headed back to campus. They were happy, joking and laughing. The night was great. Little that they could know, they were heading in a different direction from the campus but they really didn’t take note since they were intoxicated. Tracey took notice that they were near the piers but he couldn’t know what would happen next. The three of them was intoxicated but Ashton was not. He acted very well. Once everyone was asleep on each other’s shoulder, Ashton and the cab driver carried them onto the boat where there were other young people but they were all laid out, spaced out and could not come to save themselves. Once they were on the boat, Ashton, “we got three more. We are to capacity. We don’t want to crowd anyone. We want them healthy, well and ready to satisfy our guests.” Sonny could not understand why Ashton was able to afford school, wear nice clothes, have nice things and a luxury car. She came to the assumption that his parents were well off. Turns out that Ashton was affiliated with a sex trafficking ring. The people he bought to the boat were all young students and young adults that no one would miss. Once the boat was full, they took off on their journey. Sonny, Lynn and Tracey were out with the drugs Ashton put in their drinks along with the people down in the boat. This trafficking ring wasn’t only young women but they also had plenty of young men. Ashton and his cohorts laughed at how the women would love buying such a strong stout young man like Tracey. Not only did he keep himself in shape, he had that brown evenly tanned skin that any woman would love to have her body entangled in. The trafficking ring only catered to the elite. The Savory Club was an exclusive private club on an exclusive island which made it easy for them to find, buy and have indulge in beautiful, sexy people. They sailed the entire night so they would not be spotted or noticed. When the sun came up bold and blazing, they all woke up in the middle of the ocean, not knowing what happen, how they got there and what was about to happen next. Sonny finally came to. She became uncontrollable, unmanageable and unruly. Once she gathered herself and realized that they all were in the middle of the ocean with no communication and their personal identification confiscated. Lynn woke up and looked for Tracey to find that he was there tied up just like everyone else. The handlers were keeping them in line. They explained to them that they will be going to a lovely island and if they did not make big fuss, they would all be ok. Sonny was trying to get herself untied without any success. She could not understand what was going on. She called out to Ashton but he was no where to be found. She broke down, crying “how could he just leave us like this?” One of the handlers, laughed and informed them that Ashton is the reason they are there….

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